All Star Sports Cookies

All Star Sports Cookies

A few weeks ago a friend asked me to make cookies for her son’s first birthday party with an All Star Sports theme. When she asked, my first response was to make excuses. “Well…I’m still new to cookie decorating.” or “Have you seen my cookies? They’re really not that good yet.” or “I have no idea how to draw anything sports related on paper, let alone on a cookie!” But she said she didn’t care if they turned out terribly, she just wanted cookies. So I said yes. And I think they turned out pretty cute!

All Star Sports Cookies

My husband, a former college baseball pitcher, loved the baseball ones. He kept saying over and over in an incredulous tone: “They really look like baseballs!” Apparently I wasn’t the only one unsure of my ability to create sports related cookies. The baseballs were actually the easiest to make. Just a white outline, white flood icing, and red for the stitches. I used a 1 tip and was surprised at how easy it was to make the icing actually look like stitches.

All Star Sports Cookies

The basketballs were also easy, but I don’t think they turned out quite as well as the baseballs. They are just an orange outline and flooding, along with dark brown for the lines. The footballs were a last minute addition, because I wasn’t sure if I could free-hand draw a football. (Yes, my artistic ability is that bad…anyone who has played pictionary with me knows the truth of that statement). Thankfully a brown oval shaped blob with some white lines on top will look like a football when surrounded by other sports type cookies.
I made some colored stars to fit the “all-star” theme and all together, I think the cookies turned out very well! The guests seemed to really like them and said clever things like “These cookies are a home run!” As a side note, Mike now wants decorated baseball cookies for his birthday.

All Star Sports Cookies

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  1. Those are absolutely adorable, Megan! You should not doubt your cookie decorating ability – it is amazing! My four little boys (ahem, and husband, too) would love the sports cookies. My husband was a college wrestler. Hm, I wonder if I could make a wrestling singlet on a cookie? On second thought, better not go there. I'll stick with your cute baseball idea!

  2. These look fabulous Megan! You really are so talented.

  3. Oh my gosh, these are so cute Megan! You should go into business!

  4. You totally don't give enough credit to yourself. I think they are great and look very cool and fitting to the theme! You should be proud of your abilities. You always have to start somewhere, and your start looks more like halfway through the cookie-decorating journey.

  5. You don't look new to cookie decorating at all- those cookies look fantastic!!!

  6. I agree with TJ! GOd has given you talents, now you can use them all the time!! Remember our gifts are not known unless we try at them and see how we do. You are blessed Megan!

  7. I think they look fantastic! I love the blue background of the football next to the red stars. I'm sure the recipient was so happy!

  8. What do you mean you don't know how to draw??!!
    These cookies are adorable, Megan!

  9. Love the baseball cookies. My son just had to retire from college baseball due to a back injury. We have been baseball fans forever!

  10. These cookies are adorable! Nice piping and what a great friend you are 🙂

  11. Those cookies are fabulous!

  12. Nice work Megan! You are an old pro! I would have never known they weren't professional. I'll bet they tasted amazing as well!

  13. these may just appear at adden's birthday party this year! love them! they came out great!

    your decorating is amazing!

  14. You did a wonderful job on these!

  15. If my little son saw these cookies he would be in heaven!! Megan, they are so fun. So nice of you to make these for your friend 🙂

  16. These are too cool! I don't have the patience for all that decorating… but these make me wish I did!

  17. They're so cute!!! You really did a good job on them, and they look professionally done! Bet they tasted wonderful too! 🙂

  18. These are so fun! I love all of them!!

  19. Ummm…they were not only super cute, they tasted amazing!!!!!!

  20. These are adorable! They turned out perfectly!

  21. These look amazing! You can't be doubting your cookie decorating now!

  22. Wow Megan,
    For your first attempt (or any attempt, really), these are incredible!!!!

  23. These cookies are adorable! I wish I had skills like that 🙂

  24. Very Cute! I might have to make some of the baseballs for my son's baseball team.

  25. These are great! I'm so bad at decorating cookies-so these make me jealous! 🙂

  26. Wow, you are on a roll with cookies–they are absolutely gorgeous..keep up the good work!

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