Snowmen Rice Krispies Treats {Guest Post}

Hi there! I’m Katrina and I blog at In Katrina’s Kitchen. If you stop by my blog you will find sweets and eats…but mostly sweets! I’m a wife and a mom in a house full of boys so my blog is my girly, happy, sugar space. Megan was nice enough to agree to a cookie post {CUPCAKE TOPS!!} just a few days ago even though she has been turning out her own treats here every day. So of course I agreed happily when she asked me to return the favor.

Do you realize Christmas is only 1 week away?  I always tell myself every year that next year will be different. I will have my shopping done in October. I will watch Elf and It’s a Wonderful Life at least 3 times before December 24th. I will bake and freeze my cookies by November and pinky swear not to eat them all before Thanksgiving. And for the love of all that’s good and right I will not spend my Christmas Eve wrapping presents. We’re not even bringing up the topic of Christmas cards.

Sigh. There’s always 2012.

If you’re like me and you have about 13 minutes to put together a dessert plate then I have just the thing for you. This isn’t even a recipe because I totally cheated and used store-bought Rice Krispies Treats. If you have 22 minutes to spare then you can find a recipe here. These treats are fun for kids but adults like them too. I took them to a party and they were a big hit. Have you ever had a krispies treat covered in chocolate? It sounds so simple (and it is) but it is such a wonderful combination. And what is it about a snowman with rosy cheeks that is just so darn cute?

Snowmen Rice Krispies Treats


Rice Krispies Treats cut into circles (pop them in the microwave for 5 seconds if necessary)
White chocolate candy discs or chips, melted (I used about 2 cups for 1 box of treats)
Mini chocolate candy chips (I bought mine at JoAnne's)
Spree candy and Twizzler Pull-Aparts
Sprinkles, optional (for cheeks or just for sprinkling)


*Note: You can adjust the quantities as needed

Dip the Rice Krispies Treats circles into the chocolate, letting the excess chocolate drip off. Once you dip your treat you are going to have to work fairly quickly at putting the snowman face on. If you want to attach some earmuffs I would suggest you having them pre-made before you dip the treat. Just dip both ends of the Twizzler into the chocolate and then rest on top of the Spree. Let harden then bend into shape when you are ready to apply it to the snowman face. If you can't find the mini chocolate candy chips just use mini chocolate chips for the eyes and smile. An orange sprinkle or jimmie would work out just right for a nose. Of course you can also just throw a whole bunch of sprinkles on top and call it a day too.

That’s it! Easy, right? Originally I was going to share a Christmas cake with you but it was turning out to take waaaaaay longer than 13 minutes and I just know we weren’t going to have time for that. There’s always 2012. Thanks to Megan for having me here today. I promise to bring a real recipe next time if she’ll have me. 🙂 And if you didn’t already please stop by the cookie party and see what Megan brought!

*Megan here – don’t you think Kristina’s snowmen treats are absolutely adorable!! I love her posts and if you haven’t checked out her “I’ll bring the cookies” series, you totally should. I think there are giveaways as well! Thanks again Kristina – I think I’ll have to add these to my Christmas baking list! 🙂