I’m always looking for an excuse to try new cookie recipes. Thankfully my workplace is perfect for that sort of thing – we’re always celebrating somebody’s birthday or some holiday with “treats”. This past week we had a birthday celebration and I took advantage of the opportunity to try this new recipe – Carmelitas. I don’t think I’d ever had them before, but they looked wonderful, and since Mike claims he doesn’t like caramel all that much, taking them to work seemed like the perfect idea.

These turned out great. I really really like them. Although – be warned…they are very sweet. Some people might say too sweet (although I’m not one of those). These are easy to make and didn’t take too long, but they turned out really gooey and quite difficult to get out of the pan. I’m not sure if I did something wrong, but you pretty much needed a fork and a plate to eat them. But have I mentioned they tasted great? Definitely worth the mess. My coworkers really liked them, and even Mike got over his dislike of caramel to enjoy a few. 🙂

*Edited to add: I figured out what I did wrong. Instead of using a “jar” of caramel sauce, I used something like a “hershey’s syrup bottle” of caramel sauce – that would definitely contribute to the excessive gooey-ness!

Carmelitas Recipe

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  1. “Some people might say too sweet (although I’m not one of those)”

    the food network is a little too intense for me so i come here to read about people making food, but instead i’m greeted with the same old ideas about taste bud classism that Caramel Marx and Frederick Bagels ruined the world with centuries ago.

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