Canvas Print Giveaway {Closed}

Canvas Print Giveaway

I’ve got a fun giveaway for you today! is offering a free 8×10 canvas print to one you! You will get to upload your own photo and they’ll convert it to a canvas print. I received one for review and I absolutely love the way it turned out. You can see it in the picture above. Of course I chose my favorite cookie recipe to convert to canvas. 🙂 And actually, I liked the one I received so much that next time they had a special offer, I bought the one you see below! I can’t wait to see these displayed in my dining room. 🙂

Canvas Print Giveaway

{The Giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to Comment #33 – Emily! I will email you to let you know how to claim your prize. Thanks for entering!!}

To enter, just leave a comment below saying what picture you would want to convert to a canvas print. For an extra entry, “like” my facebook page and leave a separate comment letting me know. That’s it! 🙂 Giveaway will end Tuesday, March 13th at midnight. I will choose the winner via a random number generator and update this post, as well as email the winner. Unfortunately, due to shipping costs, this giveaway is only open to U.S. residents, excluding Hawaii and Alaska.  Good luck! 🙂

*Note: If you don’t win, or don’t want to wait to find out, you can use the promo code “WhatMegansMaking” here to receive 50% off all canvas and free standard shipping!

*I received a free canvas print. As always, all opinions are my own.
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  1. A blue ridge mountain landscape because we love camping and hiking there!

  2. I would do a photo of my grandparents

  3. Our puppy, Lola. Although food would be a nice subject. Something harvested from the garden.

  4. Maybe my brand new grandbaby! 4 weeks old.

  5. i like you on facebook!

  6. i would get one of my old neighborhood in istanbul. great memories and i took a snapshot there that came out totally awesome (if i do say so myself)…

  7. I would turn one of my pictures from Flagstaff into a canvas.

  8. My best friend Carly

  9. I’m sure it’ll sound a little silly, but I have a picture of my feet in the summertime that makes me super happy. I might get that on a canvas and hang it in my workspace. 🙂 Thanks for the chance!

  10. I love the idea of doing a favorite food photo for the kitchen or dining area!

  11. I would love to put the picture of my 3 kids holding hands running through spring flowers from last year.

  12. I’d probably do a beach picture of my four kids…

  13. I would probably use a wedding photo because I still don’t have any (almost a year later) on our walls!

  14. My two sweet children at the beach! : )

  15. I just took a wonderful candid shot of my son yesterday at his Green Eggs and Ham breakfast. One of my favorites.

  16. I’d get a canvas of my horses! 🙂

  17. I would use a pic of my sweet precious 7 month old daughter!

  18. I like you on facebook.

  19. I would print my favorite summer spot — the lake!

  20. a beautiful dessert

  21. I’d convert a family photo.

  22. I would bake my grandmother’s secret apple pie recipe with her then take a picture of the final product 🙂

  23. I’d love to get a canvas done of my most recent ultrasound 🙂

  24. Love this idea!! I just saw a wall on Pinterest that I would love to do. This would be a great start!!

  25. I like you on FB!!

  26. I would do a pic of my son. Or maybe the dogs!

  27. I would love to get my new puppies picture on canvas!!

  28. I like your FB page!!

  29. I would get a picture of a lemon slice to put up in my kitchen.

  30. And I like your facebook page.

  31. I would print a picture of my baby girl!

  32. I already follow you on Facebook

  33. I’d probably choose the first picture of my daughter and I right after my c-section!

  34. I like you on FB.

  35. One of my flower photos : )

  36. A recent family picture – my two girls and myself!

  37. It would either be one of my food blog photos, or a childhood picture of my fiancee. I have a childhood photo of myself on canvas, and would like one for him too so I can hang them both in our bedroom.

  38. ooh pick me!!! I’d put a family photo or a picture of my kids on it 🙂

  39. I would have a canvas made of my sweet yellow lab, Samson 🙂

  40. A recent family photo we had taken would be great! (p.s. I’ll ship to the U.S.)

  41. I “liked” your FB page too! I would love a canvas print!

  42. I have a picture of me & my hubby from our honeymoon I’d have done & hang it in our bedroom

  43. Like you on FB too…
    I love the cookie print…

  44. It’s a toss up for me… I took a really great picture of my wine cork collection that would be perfect on canvas (or) my hubby and I are celebrating our 5 year anniversay so putting one of our wedding pictures on canvas would be great too. Either picture would be a great way to preserve special memories. Thanks for the giveaway! ( I will also leave a comment on Facebook)

  45. a nature scene 🙂

  46. Oooh! I love this giveaway. We lost our Shih Tzu a year ago yesterday. On her last day, I had a friend over to finally take a family picture with me, my husband, our then-two-year-old and Bailey. I would LOVE to put that picture above our new fireplace.

  47. I like you on FB, too!

  48. A picture I took a couple summers ago at St. Croix State Park in MN, my favorite camping grounds 🙂

  49. oh one of my daughters favorite bunnies for her apartment

  50. I would pick my never fogotten childhood dream realized at 37 years old. My very own horse, Dezzy!

  51. artwork from my children to cheer me at work 😉

  52. A picture of a ballet sketch

  53. I would do a picture of my summer flowers so I can keep them alive all year long.

  54. Oh yeah, I also Liked you on Facebook and commented there too : )

  55. So cool…I’d love one!!

  56. I like you on facebook!

  57. I would use one of our wedding photos, except now that I see how you used it, I might just do the same thing!

  58. What a great giveaway! I would love a print of my daughter’s recent wedding!

  59. I “liked” you on facebook 🙂

  60. I would cherish a picture of my 10 month old, he is so precious!

  61. I liked you on facebook. 🙂

  62. I would love to covert one of my pictures from my trip to Southwest Utah to a canvas.

  63. I would love get a print of a photo from my wedding last summer!

  64. Just liked your facebook page. 🙂

  65. I would say a picture of my daughter!

  66. Just liked you on FB!

  67. I would do a picture of my 3 kids.

  68. Thanks, Megan!
    I would use it for a canvas print of my little girls. I’m working on a collage for our living room wall & it would be perfect!

  69. I have “liked” your FB page for a while now! 🙂
    (Kristi Eric D)

  70. I’ve liked you on fb

  71. Wow what a great deal! Those canvases look great! I’ll have to check this out! I usually order through canvas press,, they do an amazing job! Thanks for the info!!

  72. I would print a picture of me and my best friend, or some food that I’ve cooked.

  73. I love prints on canvas! I have a photo of my oldest granddaughter reading to the youngest, in a rocker with the morning sun shining in from behind. It;s a memorable photo!

  74. My brother-in-law took a great shot of my family and I on the beach in San Francisco last year; it would look fabulous on canvas!

  75. I liked you on facebook (before you asked us to)! 🙂

  76. I would use a picture of my family on the beach.

  77. Although food would be a great subject, I prefer to keep it in the kitchen or dinky room & have zero unused wall space there. So I would have a picture of my sons, both in college, put on the canvas. They’re not only very “decorative”, but useful, too!
    I also liked your Fb page.

  78. I would print a family picture. We had new ones taken a few months ago and I haven’t been able to afford a canvas yet. I would love it!

  79. I’d get a family picture on a canvas. 🙂

  80. FB Fan
    RobertandDenise Wilson

  81. I have so many pictures of the grandkids, but I would love to get one of them on a canvas! Thanks!

  82. I would get one of our family photos or one of the kids on a canvas. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  83. I like your Facebook Page

  84. I would get our first anniversary picture put onto canvas 🙂

  85. I studied abroad in Florence, Italy and have some great pics uploaded on my computer that I never printed out. I would love to have one of these printed on canvas. Thanks!

  86. I would want a canvas print of my boys or my family of four!

  87. A picture of the view from my grandparents’ cabin in the mountains

  88. A photo of my 2 children, their spouses and my 3 fantastic grandchildren because they rock my world !!

  89. I “liked” your FB page 🙂

  90. I have this really great photo of my boyfriend and our dog…it’s my favorite picture! I’d love to have it put onto a canvas!

  91. I like your page on Facebook!

  92. Mmm… I love to take photos of flowers – such a tiny world of beauty there. I might choose the bright pink rose I captured in Germany. 🙂

  93. I’d love to print a hand written recipe from my mom!

  94. I would use a picture of my daughters in the park from the fall.

  95. What a fun idea! I would have a canvas made of a picture of my children.

  96. I would print a picture of my girls!!!

  97. I have a photo of my daughter I would love to put on canvas.

  98. I would print out a picture of my 6 month old.

  99. probably some kind of landscape or picture from a vacation!

  100. I’d love to get a canvas of my two boys!

  101. I like your FB page. Thanks!

  102. I’d use a picture of my baby. She’s 3.5 months old and we have over 2,000 photos of her already!

  103. I would love to do one for my sister’s new apartment with a photo from our hometown. It’s a great idea anyway (whether I win or not!). Thanks for the opportunity!

  104. I would use a pic of my two precious kiddos of course! 🙂

  105. My 1st grandson born 2/17/2012. This way I can see him everyday since he lives 7 hours away.

  106. I would get a canvas of our family portrait!

  107. I like you on Facebook…but I already did, so I’m not sure if that counts:).

  108. I would probably do a pic of my daughter 🙂

  109. My beautiful granddaughter!

  110. And I am a fan of yours on Facebook.

  111. I would do one of our puppy ziglar!!

  112. I liked you on Facebook!!!

  113. A picture of the sunrise I took while my husband and I were on our honeymoon on the beach of Galveston,TX!

  114. I liked you on Facebook.

  115. A family photo

  116. I just got engaged! My fiancee pulled out all the stops- made me a table with a scrabble board wood-burned on it, had the proposal in the main building on my campus, and even got the school choir to sing! There’s a great reaction shot of me looking the absolute happiest I’ve ever been, and my fiancee smiling along with me. That’d be the picture I’d put into the canvas 😀

  117. I would find a so-cute-I-can’t-believe-they-came-out-of-me baby pic of my now 10- and 12-year-old boys.

  118. We live on a river in thistiny darling house and I would love to capture that image

  119. I had the opportunity to visit the beach recently, and I would really like to display one of those images on canvas.

  120. Definitely a picture of our family at the beach!

  121. Definitely a picture of my three sons! The oldest is about to graduate from high school–sniff, sniff–and I’d love to have this for one of my favorites pictures of them together!

  122. I would get a photo of my boys. I have an adorable of them hugging that I’ve been wanting to do something special with.

  123. A family picture, we are in need of an update.

  124. One of my twins’ NICU pictures. We stayed there for three months, so all I have are snapshots, but they are still wonderful to me!

  125. I would do a picture from my Hawaii trip! Hawaii is so pretty!

  126. Definitely a picture of my two boys!

  127. Loved (liked) you on FB!

  128. A picture of my now departed dog Lena. She was a beautiful animal and wonderful pet.

  129. I already follow you on facebook! I love hearing from you!

  130. A picture of my boys!

  131. I “like” you on Facebook too 😉

  132. I have some great food “market” shots, some great family shots, and some great shots from overseas–hard to choose; I would treasure any of them!

  133. I would love to put one of my favorite family photos on canvas!!

  134. I Like you on Facebook!!

  135. I would either get a picture of my kids or a picture of my dad for my mom!

  136. I would pick a shot of my three kids and dog walking down an autumn lane!!

  137. I liked you on facebook…and what is the second picture of?? Peach Pie??

  138. I would love a canvas of my husband and me. He is going to be deployed at the end of this year. It would be a great way to remember him.

  139. a photo from my recent trip to Haiti!

  140. I would get a print of my two kids!

  141. Silhouettes of my children, husband, and three dogs…sigh!

  142. I would convert a picture of my kids!

  143. I Like you on Facebook. FB name is Healthy, Organic & Cheap

  144. I would print a new family picture of us in the sunshine 🙂

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