Saturdays with Scamp: Things I’ve learned

Scamp maltipoo puppy

A few things I’ve learned since Scamp became ours:

1. Puppies are work. A lot of work.

2. Somehow it has become normal for me to talk to random people in my life about Scamp’s poop. How did this become ok??

3. It is impossible to be sad or upset about your day when you have an exuberant puppy waiting to greet you when you walk in the door.

4. There is not much more pathetic than the lonely and pitiful cries of a puppy who’s been left in his crate.

5. A sleepy puppy in your lap can make a quiet evening at home 10 times better.

7. When Scamp is sleeping in our bed (only once our alarms go off in the morning!), he has a really hard time getting up.

8. This leads to a really long drawn out potty break first thing in the morning. I think he’s often still half asleep.

In Nutro news, Scamp has started having a few digestive issues so I started feeding him his old food to see if switching his food was causing a problem. That was just yesterday, so no change yet. He does, however, love the treats! I put them in his kong when he goes in his crate and he practically jumps up and down when he sees me pull out the bag. So cute 🙂

This is a sponsored post. Nutro provided me with products and promotional items and is compensating me for my time. As always, all opinions are my own.

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  1. I think Scamp is about as adorable as a doggie can be. As the parent of a 13-year old “pup” I still recall the investment of time and energy to turn him into a grown-up. But we succeeded and he is still a source of joy. Good luck with Scamp.

  2. The videos are hilarious, especially the second one, lol! He's adorable, enjoy!

  3. Puppies are so cute aren't they? Scamp is no exception either =)

  4. Did you change his food slowly? Sometimes changing food too rapidly can cause tummy trouble – especially in puppies. Check with your vet about how to phase him gradually between the 2 foods. Hope that helps!

  5. I love seeing more photos of your adorable puppy! Have a great weekend:-)

  6. He's so cute, Megan! I agree with switching his food slowly. If he doesn't get better or has diarrhea and loses weight, talk to your vet. My dog has a pancreatic condition and those were indications of that. Don't mean to scare you but you never know. All the best to you with your new family member. We love our pets, they give us so much!

  7. Have two poodle puppies. Try cutting back on the treats, as they can cause problems. Your local vet has a gastrointestinal formula dog food, that is easy on your dog's tummy. Enjoy your new found love!

  8. He's so cute! But I do agree, puppies are a lot of work!

  9. seriously, please be careful about Nutro food. There have been many dog deaths linked to this food. Any google search will turn it up. I wouldn't feed my dog Nutro even if they were providing it at no charge. Not worth the risk!

  10. Cute dog! The picture of him with your husband looks a little like your husband is biting its ear… funny. 🙂

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