About What Megan’s Making

When I started this blog, I was a newlywed who’d been transplanted from Pennsylvania to Michigan. I was loving learning to cook and bake for my husband, and wanted a way to stay motivated to keep trying new recipes and share my experiences with friends and family back home. Now I’ve been married 10 years (!), still love cooking and baking (baking probably more so), and this blog has become a wonderful hobby and passion.  My site contains old favorites that my mom and grandma used to make, as well as new favorites that I’ve experimented with along the way (and a few disasters of course!). I’m definitely learning as I go, but hopefully my love for working in the kitchen shines through. I hope you stick around and follow along on my adventures as I learn more about cooking and baking and find new recipes to share with you all!

About “Love…through food”

My blog has become so much more than I ever imagined. It started as a simple recipe log, but somewhere along the way it grew into something I began to put my heart into. First and foremost I am a Christian, and through my blog I’ve learned to view my love of cooking and baking as God-given and for a purpose.  I see my blog as a ministry, the purpose of which is to share God’s love and to show love to others. I absolutely love to bake and cook, but more than that I love to share what I’ve made with others, hopefully blessing their lives in a tangible and fun way. I hope that in my blog that love will shine through and that you’ll see that the reason for it is Jesus. I hope that here you’ll find some tried and true recipes to share with others and leave feeling blessed and encouraged by your visit.

About Megan

I am the primary (only?) cook in the house. Mike (my husband) is the primary taste-tester. I cook and blog, he eats and rates, and we both have fun. We live in Michigan and have been married for 10 years, during which I’ve learned Mike’s favorite foods (anything with blueberries in it), his favorite dessert (oreo balls), and the one thing he simply won’t eat (meatloaf).  Plus, we now have 4 small children vying for our attention – and daddy’s food!

You can contact me at whatmegansmaking [at] gmail [dot] com.

Feel free to email me with comments, suggestions, recipe ideas, or pretty much anything! I love hearing from you and I am always excited to receive a comment or email from a reader.