Slow Cooked Puerto Rican Pulled Pork

Slow Cooked Puerto Rican Pulled Pork

This pork recipe was definitely a hit in our house. I loved it and Mike declared it to be the best meat I’ve ever cooked.

As with most slow cooker recipes, it was easy and convenient. I combined the spice mixture (a combination of salt, pepper, oregano, olive oil, and vinegar), rubbed it all over the pork (after trimming some of the fat off), and let the pork sit in the slow cooker pot in the refrigerator overnight. In the morning I added a little less than a cup of water (not sure if that was necessary, but the juice it created was great), turned the crockpot on low, and left for work.


Slow Cooked Puerto Rican Pulled Pork

When I came home it was done – so moist and tender it was falling apart. I even prepared some potatoes and set them in the oven to time back while I was at work, so we were sitting down to dinner 10 minutes after we got home – amazing. And it tasted awesome. I will definitely be making this again. Mike rated it a 4.5, and it doesn’t get much better than that. We made pork sandwiches on ciabatta bread with some of the leftovers and dipped them in some of the leftover cooking liquid and they were amazing as well. I would definitely recommend this recipe.

Slow Cooked Puerto Rican Pulled Pork

Slow Cooked Puerto Rican Pulled Pork


4 pounds Pork Shoulder/Butt (*I used about a 2.8 lb shoulder roast - all I could find)
6 cloves Garlic, Pressed
ΒΌ teaspoons Ground Black Pepper
1 teaspoon Oregano
1-Β½ Tablespoon Olive Oil
1-Β½ Tablespoon White Vinegar
4 teaspoons Salt


Combine garlic, pepper, oregano, olive oil, vinegar and salt. Rub pork with garlic mixture and refrigerate overnight.When ready drop into the crockpot on low for 8 hrs. (*I also added a little less than 1 cup of water. I don't think it's necessary, but the juice it created was really good.)

*I am gone for 10 hours during the day, so I set the crockpot for 9 hours, and then it automatically switched from "low" to "warm" for the last hour. That seemed to work great.

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. That looks delish!

  2. wow i bet this is amazing. sadly i would never be able to make it b/c my husband is a vegetarian. can i come over for dinner?

  3. I made this yesterday and it was absolutely fantabulous!!! I rate it a 5.0! Super easy to make, which gave it that extra .5 I guess! My family will definitely be enjoying this again!

  4. Tammy – I'm so glad you liked it! I must admit I was nervous when Mike first told everyone about my blog, so I'm so glad you liked this recipe! πŸ™‚

  5. This was an awesome recipe! It smelled wonderful as it was cooking. My picky son said it was a keeper! We made paninis with the leftovers the next day. They were so good! It made a group of hungry teenagers very happy. YUMMO!!!


  6. Anonymous – That's great that it was such a hit with your family! Thanks so much for stopping back to let me know. You reminded me that I need to make this one again! Great idea on the paninis as well πŸ™‚

  7. This was really good. It didnt look that great, but tasted wonderful. Thanks!

  8. just stumbled across this recipe yesterday while scanning the internet for some good carnita recipes but found this. it turned out great, easy straight forward directions.thank you

  9. Anonymouse – I'm so glad you liked this! Thanks for stopping back to let me know, it's one of our favorites πŸ™‚

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  11. I happened across your blog through a link to your white-chocolate-lemon truffles (from another blog… just surfing!). Your recipes sound wonderful and your photographs are beautiful! Can’t wait to try this recipe out.

  12. I agree with your husband – this is some of the best meat I have ever tasted too. HAD to serve this with mashed potatoes and it was delicious πŸ˜‰ So glad I found this recipe!

  13. The recipe looks delicious–and I cannot wait to prepare it for the family. Will the crock pot brown the pork? I am hoping it will get browned and crunchy on the outside. Will I need to dry roast the pork to get this outcome?

    • If you want it to be brown and crunchy after cooking, at the end of the cooking time I would drain off the liquid, shred the pork, place in an oven safe pan and bake at 450 for about 20 minutes, or until it is caramelized. Otherwise you can try searing the pork on the stove before putting it into the crockpot.

  14. Can this work with pork tenderloin?

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