Pumpkin Trifle

Pumpkin Trifle

I hope you’re not tired of pumpkin yet! Due to an overabundance of pumpkin recipes I am officially declaring this “pumpkin week” on my blog. Just in time for Thanksgiving!

First up is pumpkin trifle and oh my goodness is this good. I had no idea a pumpkin trifle could have such an impact on people, but everyone who tried this has had wonderful things to say about it. I took this to work last week and I don’t think I’ve ever heard from so many people about something I’ve brought in. But really when you think about deliciously moist pumpkin bread layered with sweetened freshly whipped cream that’s been mixed with pumpkin pecan butter….well, is there any wonder people can’t stop talking about it?

Pumpkin Trifle

Part of the appeal is that it’s such a unique pumpkin recipe. And best of all it’s so easy to make! This would be a great dessert to add to your Thanksgiving spread. It’s a little lighter tasting than the traditional pumpkin pie (just don’t look at the amount of heavy cream involved!), and is such a fun alternative. I made these cute little champagne flute trifles for photography purposes, but layered everything in a large trifle dish to take into work. Either way it makes a beautiful presentation, which just adds to the appeal of this simple little dessert.

*Note: I feel it necessary to share that in the process of photographing these delightful champagne flutes, I knocked them both off the table and onto the floor, spilling delicious trifle on the carpet. Mike immediately grabbed a rag and some cold water to clean up the mess of whipped cream while I picked pumpkin bread cubes up off the floor and ate them.

Pumpkin Trifle

Pumpkin Trifle


1 loaf pumpkin bread
2 cups heavy whipping cream
1 tsp vanilla
1/4 cup granulated sugar
1 cup pumpkin butter (I used Williams Sonoma Pumpkin Pecan butter, which is delicious)


Cut the pumpkin bread into slices, and then into cubes. Set aside. In the bowl of an electric mixer fitted with the whisk attachment, beat together the cream, vanilla and sugar on medium-high speed until stiff peaks form, 2 to 3 minutes. Fold in the pumpkin butter. Layer the pumpkin bread cubes and whipped cream in deep glass dish or trifle bowl, alternating layers. Refrigerate until ready to serve. Serves 12-14.

inspired by Williams Sonoma

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  1. This is brilliant…. LOVE it and never sick of pumpkin!

  2. yum! Lol I love that you shared the photo mishap! I totally would have ate the pieces off the floor too 😉

    PS there can NEVER be too many pumpkin recipes!

  3. Yum, looks delicious! I've always wanted to make a pumpkin trifle. Except I would probably use pumpkin pudding(: Can't wait to see the rest of the pumpkin recipes!

  4. haha, thats funny. This sounds yummy! I will have to buy some pumpkin before thanksgiving, I missed making anything with it last year and can't let another year pass me by without it. I hope to make this soon!

  5. Such an elegant and simple dessert! I will definitely be storing this recipe!

  6. Yum, I'm pretty sure I would love this! Haha at floor food too 😉

  7. these look great served in champagne glasses, so fun!

  8. These look FABULOUS! Is it bad that I want to eat one for breakfast?

  9. I can attest to how delicious this was!! I'm one of Megan's co-workers that kept raving about it 🙂

  10. The 5 second rule always wins out when we are talking about dessert! Nice save Megan 🙂

  11. Ooo pumpkin week!? Count me in! I love serving layered desserts, especially in glasses like you did!!

  12. Jen – umm…the day I made it, I did eat it for breakfast! 🙂

    Julie – thanks for the comment! And thanks for attesting to how good it is 🙂

  13. Love the presentation! Great dessert!

  14. This looks so yummy and creative! I love pumpkin, so the more pumpkin recipes, the merrier!

  15. YUM!! looks great and the presentation is perfect.

  16. That looks so cool for breakfast or dessert 🙂 I like pairing up bread with cream too!

  17. Uh, wow. That looks amazing!

  18. What a great way to make pumpkin bread into something elegant and even more delicious.

  19. What a gorgeous dessert! I would take this over pumpkin pie any day. Beautiful!

  20. I love how everyone seems to have their own twist on this. Very pretty presentation! And seriously… who could resist snatching up the delicious bread pieces even off of the floor… so long as you know your floor is clean 😉

  21. This looks like the perfect dessert! I could never tire of something that combines pumpkin and whipped cream!

  22. I just made pumpkin bread yesterday! I'll have to make these now too 🙂

  23. I love pumpkin, but not pumpkin pie. I think this is a great alternative to the traditional pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving dessert!

  24. I know a lot of people might be tired of pumpkin but I will never get there. I LOVE pumpkin and I want this badly!

  25. It is not physically possible for me to be sick of pumpkin ;). Love the trifle recipe – what a gorgeous presentation :).

  26. Yum! Another great use for the pumpkin bread too. Don't worry about eating the bread off the floor, I would have done the same thing!!

  27. This is such an elegant and sophisticated way to serve up pumpkin. I love it!

  28. Pumpkin week? I approve! This looks pretty and sounds divine. 🙂

  29. This looks perfect! I love the way you served it. I always serve my desserts in glass dessert dishes. It makes it all the more indulgent 🙂

  30. I love pumpkin. These look heavenly.

  31. I'm going to make this for Thanksgiving!! Sounds great!

  32. hahree – I hope you like it! Be sure to stop back and let me know how it turned out 🙂

  33. I'm making a pumpkin trifle for Thanksgiving. Yours looks good. I need to get my hands on that pumpkin butter!

  34. Made this for Turkey Day and received rave reviews. Its like tiramisu meets bread pudding meats heaven on a plate 😀 Thanks so much for the recipe. I linked it back to you on my blog if you want to see. Thanks again

  35. NuM NuM – I'm so glad you liked this! Thanks for the comment. I'm headed to check out your blog post now 🙂

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  37. How long will it stay good in the fridge? Can I make it the day before or two days before I’m planning on serving? PS My friend made this and it is to die for. I loveddddddddddd it

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