Saturdays with Scamp: Conclusion

I can’t believe it’s been 10 weeks now that I’ve been writing about Scamp! I’ve enjoyed sharing my puppy with you and am so grateful to Nutro for giving me this opportunity. Scamp is grateful too – he LOVES his Nutro food and has been eating like crazy this past week! It’s crazy to think back and see how much Scamp has changed since we picked him up in May. He looks a lot more like a dog than a puppy now, but we still think he’s pretty cute! (Side note: Scamp may look more like a dog now, but he’s a very miniature dog – he only weighs 3.8 pounds!)

As I was trying to take the above picture, Scamp was clearly exhausted (what a rough life he lives!) and most of my pictures look like the following:

Has anyone ever seen the Neverending Story? Don't you think he looks like Falcor the Luck Dragon??

Scamp has learned a lot of things over the past few months such as:

1. various obedience commands: sit, down, stay, stand, turn, come, and we’re working on roll over and shake. He’s so cute when he does them. As soon as he sees a treat in my hand he goes absolutely wild and will do a combination of all his tricks until he finally figures out which one I want.  It’s very cute, but I’m trying to be firm and teach him correctly. 🙂

2. How to ask to go outside. Unfortunately, it’s not by using the bells. Somehow over the past few weeks it has been cemented in Scamp’s head that he’s supposed to ring the bells when he doesn’t know where we went and to bark at the top of the steps when he wants to go outside. We failed somewhere along the way, but at least he’s asking to go outside.

3. How to ask to get lifted up on the comfy blankets on the couch when he’s tired. Let me tell you, it’s tough being too small to jump on the couch!

4. And most recently, how to go down the stairs! We’re so proud of him because up until this week he has been scared to death of the stairs. Our little puppy is growing up. 🙂

I’m sure Scamp will make an appearance on my blog in the future, even if its not in weekly installments like this. Plus, if you follow me on Facebook, I often talk about my cute little puppy on there. We are going to try a thundershirt for his crate anxiety issues, so I’ll be sure and let you know how that works out for him. Thanks so much for taking the time to read about my puppy, and thanks to Nutro for all the food and toys, and also for the fun inspiration to write this series. And Scamp says thank you too, but now it’s back to naptime.  🙂

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  1. Thank you for sharing Scamp with us. A propos the “gotta go outside” signal, our dog, Scooper, lived his entire 13 years with a doggie door. Now he does not have one, so he decided to stand at the back door and give a single “woof.” He does the same when he ready to come back in. Bless their pea pickin’ little hearts.

  2. I loved the video! Put front feet down, then swing butt around, repeat 😀

  3. aww i hate its over..i looked for scamp updates every sat:(

  4. Love that video of him going down the stairs….so cute!

  5. Oh, Scamp is just such a cutie! I had a dog who was nervous about going down the stairs. He’d only go down (which he’d always do it my just running down really quickly) if someone was at the bottom encouraging him.

  6. I have a feeling Scamp will still be appearing in a post once in a while (and we will all love it when he does) 🙂

  7. Oh my, he sure looks like Julie, his dog mommy, so cute, hope is everything you hope he would be, alyson

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