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Superbowl Recipes

As you’ve probably heard (because I can’t stop talking about it on facebook and twitter), I was on TV for the very first time this morning! I got the chance to talk about some superbowl food ideas on our local Fox News station (representing Red Gold tomatoes). I’m not sure how I come across on the blog, but in real life I’m pretty shy and reserved and don’t enjoy speaking in front of people at all. To say that this was out of my comfort zone is a huge understatement!  I was incredibly nervous, but looking back I’m so glad I did it and it really was a great experience. I was able to quickly (in 3 minutes!) share a few superbowl snack ideas:

Chipotle Turkey Chili

Chipotle Turkey Chili

Homemade (

Homemade (“Restaurant Style”) Salsa

Bagel Chips with Spicy Cheese Spread

Bagel Chips with Spicy Cheese Spread

To go along with the list I made about chili the other day, I thought I’d share a list of things I did to get ready for my (very) short TV segment.

  1. I made 3 batches of chili. One as a practice, two to take on the show. Yes, I still love it. Yes, I’m tired of it at the moment.
  2. I practiced my “interview” approximately 8,750 times. That might not be an exaggeration.
  3. Got exponentially more nervous as Thursday approached. Mike can attest to that. Also, I seem to be physically unable keep any emotion inside me, including nervousness. It just spills out onto everyone around me. I don’t know how Mike made it through the week.
  4. Mike was nice enough to go with me to the studio, and in return for his kindness I forced him to leave ridiculously early, listen to my nonstop nervous rambling the whole time, and make a pit stop at McDonald’s for some last minute make-up application. Oh and I also spilled chili on the seat of the car. Awesome.

After all that, if you’re still interested in watching the video, you can watch it here. Enjoy! 🙂

*Note, the video (Michigan Tomato Recipes for the Superbowl) is no longer available on the Fox 17 site…sorry 🙁

Superbowl Recipes

If you’d like to see lots more great Superbowl recipe ideas, see the links below!

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  1. I am so impressed! Congratulations! I can completely relate to your emotions and nervousness; I'm sure I would be much worse. The photos are beautiful. Off to watch the video…

  2. Loved watching the video! Congrats again:-)

  3. OH my gosh!!! This is AMAZING! I don't know how I missed this on twitter or facebook. I am so happy for you! YAY!

  4. Wow – I wish I had known – I would have recorded it to watch! For some reason the link isn't working right now, so I'll have to try again later. Hooray for you!

  5. Sorry, that was my fault. I fixed the link so it should work now! 🙂

  6. Megan – congratulations! I still couldn't get the link to work but I'm still so proud of you! I'd have been a nervous wreck. Looks like you did great!

  7. Ok, just got the link. You did great! Didn't seem nervous at all and you are just adorable. Way to go!

  8. You did a great job!

  9. CONGRATS! You did a great job!!!

  10. I agree, great job, Megan!!

  11. YAY YAY YAY!!!! Awesome! So happy for you 🙂

  12. Way to go! You are amazing.

  13. That is fantastic! Congratulations!!

  14. Wow, congratulations!! You were great! 🙂

  15. Wow! You're famous! Congratulations, it looks like you did a great job (:

  16. Congrats! That's so awesome – you did great 🙂

  17. Wow awesome job! What a great opportunity for you…. congrats 🙂

  18. That is so cool Megan. “Supastar”

  19. I just watched the video and you were great, Megan! What a wonderful opportunity and, hopefully, you'll have more opportunities just like that.

  20. Congrats! How fun! I'd like to do this one day too. Perfect Super Bowl food.

  21. Wow!! How fun-not sure I could do it- but awesome for you;)

  22. Of course I wanted to watch your TV segment!! Great job!! You didn't even look nervous! 🙂

  23. Wow, Megan! You now have to admit this to yourself: You ain't no shrinking violet at all. You were wonderful! You came across as self-assured, poised, and confident about your subject matter. You go, girl!

    Mary Dobish

  24. Wow that is awesome. What a great blogging accomplishment!

  25. Wow congratulations!! I'd be so nervous!

  26. That is amazing! Congrats 🙂

  27. You did great, Megan. Didn't know you lived in Michigan!

  28. You're so funny Megan! Totally understand your nervousness though :o) You did a great job.
    Sarah from church

    P.s. The other day I found a bagel in my freezer and remembered seeing your bagel chip recipe… Perfect thing to do with a stale-ish bagel! They were really good.

  29. CONGRATULATIONS!! Megan that's such a fun and exciting opportunity! I have no doubt you did a fantastic job, and your recipes look super simple and tasty. Have a wonderful weekend 🙂

  30. Congrats! What a great opportunity 🙂

  31. You were a delight to watch. You didn't show any nervousness at all-like a pro. I am definitely making your turkey chili. Your HP buddy…

  32. That is so awesome!! Congrats! I just found your blog through Jessica's and I'm glad I did!

  33. That is so fantastic!! You were AWESOME! What an amazing experience too.

  34. CONGRATS!!! You did an AMAZING job Megan!!! First class! :o)

  35. Megan, you were relaxed, smiled alot and the food looks fabulous. Great job.

  36. You did an amazing job! I couldn't tell you were nervous at all 🙂

  37. congrats! You're a natural!!!

  38. Amazing! Congrats! You did great!

  39. Megan! You were fantastic! Got to see the video today. You didn't look nervous at all. Quite the natural.

    The fam is so proud!

    Much Love:)

  40. Thank you guys all so much! I was gone over the weekend and when I got home and had a chance to read through all the comments, it was amazing! You guys are awesome 🙂

  41. Awesome segment Megan! Congratulations.

  42. That is awesome! And you didn't look nervous at all!!!

  43. Loved the video Megan!!! I get so nervous on TV too, but you pulled it off. I would've never guessed you were nervous; your a natural. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  44. You did not seem nervous at all! Very informative!

  45. Congrats! You did such a great job, you'll have your own cooking show in no time! (and now I want to go make some of that dip!!!)

  46. Megan,

    You were wonderful! I smiled so hard it hurt my face! by the way, that chili recipe seems vaguely familiar…

  47. AWW! Megan, you're famous!! You did great on the show! I can see you having your own cooking show someday! That's so great that you love to cook! You have such a passion for it and you are great at it! Have fun!
    Take care and miss you!

    Liz G

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