An Edible Mosaic Cookbook Giveaway {Closed}

Thanks for entering! The winner was #19, Karen. Congratulations Karen, I’ll be sending you an email shortly. 🙂

An Edible Mosaic Giveaway

I’ve got a fun cookbook giveaway for you today! Over the past few weeks I’ve been sharing some recipes from An Edible Mosaic, and now I get to offer a copy as a giveaway. I can honestly say that I love this cookbook. It’s very easy to look through, it has beautiful pictures on every page, and the recipes are so unique. The few that I tried so far have been big hits around here, and there are plenty more that I can’t wait to try. I love that Faith talks you through each recipe, so that if you’re unfamiliar with Middle Eastern cooking you can still cook the recipes successfully. Definitely a good thing if you’re like me and have absolutely no experience with some of these things!

An Edible Mosaic Giveaway

Recipes: Chicken Shawarma Wraps, Coconut Semolina Cake, Zucchini Fritters

Giveaway Details:

One winner will receive one copy of An Edible Mosaic. Giveaway ends Sunday, November 18th at midnight. To enter, leave a comment on this post letting me know your favorite Middle Eastern food or recipe.

For an extra entry,” like” What Megan’s Making on Facebook and leave a separate comment letting me know.

I’ll email the winner and update this post when the giveaway is over. Good luck! 🙂


*Disclaimer: I received a copy of An Edible Mosaic. Giveaway is provided by Tuttle Publishing. Links are Amazon Affiliates.

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  1. I love moussaka. It takes so long to prep but is so yummy!

  2. and I like you on FB.

  3. Looks like a great book! I love all the different kinds of rice!! :o)

  4. I don’t know that I have a favorite Middle Eastern food yet…I think I need to win the cookbook so I can experiment and find out what my favorite is! 😉

  5. Kabab koobideh! 🙂

  6. Turkish coffee! Or hummus or falafel or….. Your blog is so lovely! I really enjoy trying the recipes you find for us!

  7. To be honest, I’ve never tried any middle Eastern food, recipe or in a restaurant! I know! But I would love to give it a shot!!

  8. My favorite middle eastern foods are hummus and falafel. My kids love them too! Thanks for having a giveaway!

  9. and I like you on Facebook too!

  10. i grew up with middle eastern food, and I love almost all of it. But grape leaves, falafel, moussaka, all are in the running!

  11. Thank you so, so much for participating in this event, Megan! Truly meant the world to me. xo

  12. falafel, hummus

  13. liked you on fb

  14. Hummus counts right? I love hummus!

  15. My favourite middle east food ist definately the turkish cuisine, its so diverse as the sultans gathered the best recipes from all over the ottoman empire. you can still feel this richness in ingredients and spices. It often looks simple but tastes amazing, like stuffed wine leaves with rice and cacik, the turkish version of the greek tzaziki.

  16. I don’t know much Middle Eastern food. I really want the Schwara wraps you made, and I love hummus (which I think is Middle Eastern).

  17. The only thing I can think of that I’ve actually had is Hummus, which I love. This cookbook could open me up to a whole new world of delicious foods.

  18. I follow you on Facebook already : )

  19. Falafel for sure!

  20. I live falafel

  21. I like Chicken Shawarma Wraps, I have made this using steak and it was very good. I eat a lot of middle eastern foods, especially the breads.

  22. I’m an email subscriber

  23. I haven’t had a lot of this food, but I really love the few things I have tried. The cookbook looks awesome! I hope I win!! 🙂

  24. The chicken shwarmarma wraps! I can’t get enough of that stuff 🙂

  25. Love it!

  26. I like you on facebook, too 🙂

  27. my family is assyrian, and i grew up on middle eastern food but my favorite is this baked buttery rice. so good. i also love hummus and other chickpea dishes!

  28. liked you on fb as Barbara Palermo

  29. I love Kofta Balls in Indian tomato sauce! Yum!

  30. I liked you on FB!!

  31. My favorite middle eastern foods are hummus and falafel! mmmmmm

  32. I already like you on Facebook 🙂

  33. My favorite Middle-Eastern food is shawarma

  34. My favourite middle eastern food is stuffed vine leaves. They take time to roll and prepare and minutes to devour! Absolutely delicious.
    Would love to get a copy of An edible mosaic since I’m sure it won’t be available in the local bookstores here in Dubai.

  35. Our favourite mid-Eastern food is Falafel! Love it! 😀

  36. I already follow you on Facebook! 🙂

  37. My favorites are chicken shawarma and hummus.

  38. I like What Megan’s Making on Facebook.

  39. Chicken shawarma,oh my ,I am so thankful that my men love food and are willing to try different things Indian, Thai you name it they’ll try it,would love to add this to my cookbook collection

  40. Nothing beats shawarma off a street car in Israel! Nothing!

  41. I’ve liked you on facebook!

  42. I absolutely love middle eastern food, the hummus and chicken shawarma and tabbouleh too!

  43. I’ve liked you on facebook for a while now! Love the recipes you post!

  44. If you have been posting recipes from this book, then I like the baked potato soup – but I don’t know if that’s middle eastern. I’ve really appreciated several of your most recent posts!!

  45. Liked you on FB!! Can’t believe I haven’t done it before! (Palm-face)

  46. I know it’s pretty basic, but I love mid-eastern basmati rice with pine nuts and raisins.

  47. I just love chicken shawarma and beef shawarma, chickpeas and hummus. And I have liked you on FB for a year now!

  48. gyros
    bethanyg153 at gmail dot com

  49. I always used to get Briyani when I lived in Chicago. It was so good and I haven’t had it in such a long time! Of course, naan is wonderful 🙂

  50. My favorite middle eastern dish is humms!

  51. I Like What Megan’s Making on Facebook.

  52. Hi, I am now following you on Facebook. I like hummus, gyros and anything chicken.

    Have a blessed weekend!

  53. I love falafel!

  54. Falafel and stuffed grape leaves.

  55. Traditional couscous.

  56. I am a falafel, hummus, and stuffed grape leaf girl! I even started making my own sauce for dipping my falafel. So yummy! Of, and I’m starting to really like the eggplant dishes. I had something recently, I don’t remember the name, that was a warm, spicy, roasted eggplant thing. it was wonderful with toasted pita.

  57. Hummus!

  58. ful madames! delicious, hearty brunch dish. vegetarian and easy to make!

  59. My favorite middle eastern food is definitely falafel!

  60. Love falafel!!

  61. Facebook fan.

  62. I would love to win your cookbook! My favorite Middle Eastern food is Falafel! Also gluten free too, as an extra bonus to someone that has Celiac Disease. 😉

  63. I really am not that familiar with Middle Eastern food. My favorites are Indian and Mexican but i love to try new things. I do LOVE falafel though! It would be incredibly cool to look through your cookbook with my 6 year old daughter and experiment with some new and tasty recipes. 🙂

  64. I have already “liked” you on facebook. 😀

  65. I looooove falafal, Megan! It’s usually what I try to get when we’re visiting Aladdin’s. 🙂

  66. Chicken sharwma

  67. I do not have many Middle eastern recipes but I would love to have some! I have always thought about trying to cook but cannot find a good place to start.

  68. Gyros counts, right? I love gyros, and hummus is great too! I would love to be able to try more dishes though.

  69. I definitely “like” you on facebook!

  70. I LOVE hummus and naan. I would love this cookbook so I could experiment with this cuisine more!

  71. I love falafel and I’d love to try a homemade recipe!

  72. I love tzatiki….on everything!!

  73. I love eggplant, so its Baba Ghannouj for me.

  74. Favorite middle eastern food is shish taouk

  75. Liked What Megan’s Making on Facebook

  76. I love Middle Eastern food. We make yogurt at my house. My favorite recipe? Maybe berenj ba zereshk, which is rice with barberries. Or maybe Jewelled Rice, with us basmati rice with raisins, apricots, onions, cloves, sultanas, and almonds. On cold windy days nothing beats Ashe Reshte which is a noodle soup. My children would tell you the best is taking a date and replacing the seed with feta cheese and wrapping fresh warm pita around it.

  77. The Chicken Shawarma Wraps are something that I absolutely cannot wait to make!

  78. I just liked your page on Facebook! 🙂

  79. Hi Megan, I love your blog! I’m not too experienced with Middle Eastern food, so I would love to have this book and learn more about it. I will say that so far, Baba Ghanoush is my favorite.

  80. I like you on FB – aleksandra n.

  81. I have never tried middle Eastern foods, but would love this cookbook to try some!!

  82. I love keppe, taboule, shawarmas, everything!

  83. I love shawarmas!

  84. I love hummus!

  85. Love chicken swarm ! Even my husband loves 🙂

  86. My favourite middle east food is hummus and falafel 🙂

  87. Liked you on FB!!

  88. It’s obviously a popular choice, but falafel is the best!

  89. I don’t know much about middle eastern food but those chicken shawarma wraps look phenomenal!

  90. I think I can eat a chicken pita with a greek salad almost every day!

  91. It would have to be hummus! I would love to try to make more middle eastern food!

  92. I love gyros!

  93. We love hummus! Pita’s Love to try more, great looking book

  94. Anything chickpea-related, especially spicy hummus, falafel and simple roasted chickpeas…I could eat boatloads of those! Cheers!

  95. I love hummus and all of the wonderful rice dishes!

    “liked” you on Facebook!

  96. I love the stuffed grape leaves, would love to add this cookbook to my collection, thank youmfor the chance. Love your blog & facebook.

  97. I haven’t had much but hummus is one of my all time favorite things!

  98. I like your page on Facebook!

  99. It’s hard to pick a favorite because it’s all so good. I’ll say hummus though…

  100. baklava is my favorite, eastern dessert, have not tried many main dishes, but you can’t beat a good gyro

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